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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Eight - June 9th


Get up early: 6am and bike. It's been 28 miles and it's not yet 11am. Not great, but not bad. We hope to make it to Crescent City today. We'll see!

"Crushing the road that lies beneath".

94 miles. It shouldn't have been that long, but when you go, you go.

We went.

Considering the gear we were hauling and that there was still headwind, I consider this day to be epic. Likely no one with want to try and do it again, and really I dont want to either. Our bodies beat (im taking mouthfuls of advil and vodka). Our tires are flat (Robin and I both get flats in Califorina) and our gear soaked. The second we cross the border into California clouds roll in. Rain, then rain then rain then rain...

We spent most of the day breaking up into small groups or running solo. Good for time: definitely. Bad for morale: perhaps. I almost lost the crew at Oregon's border city (South Bend? Meh!). I missed the doggie cart and decided I had earned some "free jojos" at the Freddies. Walking around the store trying to nonchalantly stuff a quarter-pound of fried potatoes into your mouth sounds easy.

After I take a tour of the city, leave and then return I find them in the north half of town. Lucklily they haven't been waiting long.

Great climbs and great bombs all day. The climbs were mostly nice a gradual, the bombs steep and the shoulders mostly clear of debris. I peaked my speed so far at 37 MPH. not the best ever I'm sure, but with cargo, limited vision (still not wearing contacts), and unfamiliar roads with lots of log trucks...

The best part of the day was the construction. After being passed by a sherrif we caught back up to him and a school bus a mile ahead where a HUGE part of 101 was under construction. easily 3 miles, maybe more. We crusied ahead of the waiting veichles and talked with the flagger. She was really nice and friendly.

- Flagger Lady: yup we are repaiving a big stretch of road

- me: great I love my roads flat and smooth

- FL: (chuckling) I thought you were gonna say you like you roads like you like you women. But I bet that's not true.

- ME: [eyes bulge, try not to appear startled] heh.

- FL: [into radio] Are we sending cyclists though?

- Radio: yeah send em

- us: awesome!

So we had both lanes to ourselves for miles. Then when traffic finally did catch up, it did so in groups.
the conclusion: road constrution is great. Be sure to hit on flaggers, they need some more attention, and i mean the non automotive kind. They get hit pretty often by aggro motorists.

The helmet cam was also popular with the constrution team, as word we were coming though spread accross the radios. The School bus also got pretty nuts as well. Hope the video turns out.

In cresent city we got fed piles of spegetti and recieved warm, dry, soft places to sleep.

great times.


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