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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Five - June 6th

"We shoudda gone to Church" Woke up next to a dog and a Robin. Rain falls then stops long enough for us to believe it's over. It's not.

We happened to camp a block away from a Curve's fitness/laundromat. We spend the morning drying the cloths and recharging devices. We own this mutha friggin Curves! No one freeked out about their being a dog inside and Kansas behaves very well with radom folk coming in to wash their stuff.

We are so wet. It feels good to put on dry socks, even if they are gonna be wet in 20 min. I have developed some conjectivitus, aka pink eye. Ugh I had hoped that it was just irration from stress and forgetting to take out my contacts and not sleeping the night before i left. Then it my left eye was just red without any junk. Now its red in my right eye and its worse. Plus im fatigued. Sprinting and staying up late and getting wet and not too warm was all not helpful.

Eventually we roll out. The bike shop is closed, of course (it is Sunday after all, and most bike shops take sunday off... bicycle jesus anyone?)

We climb out of town and keep on climbing. We take our time jumping under trees when it starts raining hard. Its fairly exciting way to bike. If I could see (cant put my contacts in) I would have more luck seing the cover, but the other bikers are covering for my handicap well.

We investigate some of the Oregon Dunes. An experience I was not particularly interested in. My experience was that they are pretty much an ATV playground and anyone annoyed by 2 stroke enginees should steer clear.

Sure enough, the only way to evern get to the dunes is to walk along the paths where ATVs come screeming along. I cant tell for sure the ages of the riders under the helmet and high tech riding suits, but the pudgy nature of the gut bouncing along with the 4-wheels tells me pre-high school. Max suggests killing them at their larvel stage, for the good of society.
we find another Hobbit hole to chill in. I nap. My body aches, the light hurts my eye. I hate this place. Psudo beach with the occasional internal, infernal, eternal combustion engine not far enough away.

Then more rain. We run out of Hobbit Hole II and make a beeline for the only shelter around, a bathroom.
There we are, 5 bikers and a dog, standing around a toilet, dirnking a bottle of wine, singing blues tunes with harmonica accompinment, to the ever present sound of rain, then hail punding our shack.

After another hour it clears and we make our break.

After climbing for a long time, finnally we roll down, thankfully the road is mostly dry on this side of the hill. Across another bridge (this time we are taking the friggin lane) and into Reedsport. We head straight to the first warm place and it has the best fries I have ever eaten. Our server, Darcy was awesome.

"Well you could all come home with me, but I dont think my husband would like it."

we get advise from a few folks in the closing resturant about where to stay.

symethetic golfer: "There is a gazeebo up the hill past the school"

me: "Uh huh, well keep that in mind, thanks.

Darcy: [quietly] "uh the gazeo is totally open. FYI."

Me: "thanks, I think we have our place. Unless you want to work on your boyfriend.

Darcy: you mean my husband? Yeah, he is a little old fashioned...

Me: if you are needing some fun and excitment I know five wet bikers who are good for the party.

Darcy: maybe I will swing by later.

Me: well be across the street.

Max had scoped out the scene. Reedsport had kindly created a 24 hour tourist information center, the anex to the area that is inside and open from 10 to 4.

Max: "It's warm, it's lit, it's dry, it's abaondoned."

"any problembs?"

Max: "It's next door to the federal building"

We head over one at a time to avoid suspicion. Inside is a wall of pamphlets. Everyting from The Goonies Reunion Tour (up in Astoria this weekend) to Navy special program promtions. Both are entertaining, and give us the appearance we might be using this space for its intended use. After counting the number of screenings of Goonies in Astoria this weekend (six) and enjoying the summer camp recrutment style of the millitary ("You will learn to deal with shark and jellyfish attacks,") we started our nesting, hanging our clothes from every surface possible, and stuffing our shoes with the local free rag.

The floor is hard but we are warm, and dry and if they come to wake us up... well we are ready for that situation. We ignore them as long as possible. I dont know if this works, but I am willing to try and sleep just the same.


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