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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Four - June 5th

We hit the Newport bike shop. crazy. so much better than the Tillamook. It had nearly everything in 1/10th the space. Plus a drill press and a welder and machiene shop out back. Its part of a Motel, strange. but it works. the worker is nice and lets me film.

We take Hwy 101 right though the city. The bike route tries to get you off the road every chance it can, but if you are rolling several bikers deep with 2 lanes than you are safe in your own lane.
Alas the stupid pedestrian bridge nearly kills us all: nails, pieces of 2x4 and other construction hazards (why are they fixing a concreete and steel bridge with wood?!?) A strong bridge and narrow lane gives you only an inch or so before you are either droping into fast moving car traffic or droping over the 3 foot barrier and down a hundred feet to the river below. A poor looking biker walking his bike coming toward us (hey that's an idea!) has to jump down onto the road to avoid us. Man we suck.

Then we are fine again for miles. Good sun and road contitions. Then at some point I feel my rear wheel sliding around some. ugh, this is not good. sure enough i have a leak. We are trying to make it south of Florence today and still have 25 miles to go. Going over seep cliffs along the road keeping controll with wight pushing you downhill and a flat tire loosing tread, this was also kinda dangerous.

"Flat ties never say die" - steep hills, what traction

We push for the next camp sight as dusk approaches. Everytime we say we will take the next site, everytime we decide it sucks and contine on. My tire gets increasingly worse over time. It needs filling every hour, every 40 min, every 20 min... Now I am just sprinting for as long as the tube will hold air. I stop at the enternace to a campround. This one is several more miles off the hwy.

"fuck that, lets just go on" the majority speaks

We pull into Florence and find some good eats: thai food. Traveling 2 vegetarians and 2 vegans (and one vegan dog) makes dining out a little challenging. While everyone is eating inside I fix the flat. We eat like rabid animals. I shovel delicious hot food into my mouth as fast as possible. we are loosing light rapidly, and need to find some sleeping arrangments.
On my way to the bathroom I can't stop myself from lifting a bottle of wine. This seems absurd because the returant did a good job feeding us. I feel a pang of guilt and relaise a bottle in a resturnat is 3 times as expensive as it is in the store. Meh.
Just across why 101 there is a church with a big empty lot. Perfect. I crisen our new location "Dignity Village, Florence." Maybe someone will write up a fax indymedia article about it.

After chilling there for awhile robin and I dicide twe mush investigate the local night scene. Our tour de Florece dumpsters starts with the bouty of Grocery Outlet. Is there a better store anywhere? its like shopping and gambling at the same time! The dumpster is no different.

"The center this ice cream is still cold" I tell robin

We get piles of yellow and red peppers and zucinni. I document the liberation of life sustaining discarded food with the camycam. Every time Robin pops up from inside the dumpster he reminds me of the dog from "Duck Hunter" poping with more ducks in hands and a big grin on his face.

The local Bakery dumpster was not as sucessful. lots of wrappers and trash from the Dairy Queen. We find the bike shop and check their supplies. Nothing. But the JC Penny next door though out a blue duffle bag.
"want this?" "no, but well find some use for it."

Poppa John's is also empty. Man after the first find we were expecting like the lord's bounty at every stop.
Eventually we are downtown and decide we have earned a beer. We drink some Rogue Dead Guy, and it tastes like it was brewed just 60 miles north.

Then the rain. And the rain. and the rain. We are awe struck. We think this has got to pass. Then we realize its not gonna pass and all of RObin's things are still laying out on the empty lot.

We make tracks. Coming out of old town a car pulls up from our right at the 4-way stop. Of course its a cop. Robin is already though, but I decide to half stop, I dont feel like trying to produce ID in this torrental downfall.

The cop follows us for a few more blocks. Im not sure if he wanted to ticket us or just find out what we were thinking biking around in a monsoon. Eventually he passes us, as we drudge our ways up hwy 101 back to the church. the bike lane is a river. seveal inces deep with water coming off the road.


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