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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day One - June 2nd

Entered at: Tillamook County Library

Must tell story about the Forest Grove Shop homophobe who is violently insane.

Camped in the Tillamook forest last night. Nice little rock wall over looking a rushing creek with heavy moss draping all the trees like a shall on a tipsy woman. 5 of us left PDX on the 1st around 10 am. we had planned to catch the 730 max at the Rose Garden, but the traffic made loading bikes not work, and I was having mac music issues. So far it has been woth it though, music is really nice to have as your biking along the hwy.

At the top of the Coastal range down Hwy 6 I dawn my helmet camera. A good downhill video should be fun and exciting, and I need practice shooting good video with this thing. Everything was fine for me up until my sleeping bag jumped ship on a bump. I yelled up to Robin, "i lost a bag" seconds later a child yells out at me, "you lost your bag." Ahh comedic timing.
I was hoping the others I passed would be coming along soon, but it was just Adam, who told us that Korina had a bad crash. Max was with We wait and wait, and Adam goes back up to see them, i go down to tell robin. We wait and wait. the crew is together. no amblunce, though we hear it was quite an impressive crash. the trailer lost stability and started to wobble, she dosen't know exactly what next but the trailer whipped around and she endowd over. "It was cartoonish-crazy." Max said.
We chill for a couple hours on the rocks. some sun some rain, im ancy.

we wait (i think im gonna be in touble. as it is another crew of bikers is a day ahead, and at this pace well never make it to camp lookout tonight. I remain calm, but its still in my head. 'revphil is going to represent the NW at Bikesumer in LA'
We leave and take the rest of the downhill easy, stopping every 5 miles. then we start hammering it out towards tillamook. we camp just 12 miles outside. Adam and I explore a deer trail up the hill. find some droppings and some mushrooms. neither of us know enough to start eating random fungi.

Then its late. Laying down after a taxing ride I hear voices. 2 girls chatting. Then it stops. What was that? What will it be? Maybe a couple of Lesbikans out for a rainy Oregon Coast Stroll? Surly that's better than a double date. 4 horny locals come upon a squad of 5 diry bikers who have set up a mini camp dignity, (an REI shantytown) at their make out place.

- Frat Jock: What the Fuck is this? There's no camping in this park!
- Me: (sighing, feeling for my pants in my bag)
- FJ: you guys had beeter clear out of here or I'll call the ranger!


- FJ: well?!?
- Me: (coming out of my tent) Relax now, we got a situation here. After hauling our or gear from portland our friend was injured in a wicked crash. We wanted to get to the coast, we came here. Wea are making the best of it. There are other places you acn go for romance.
- FJ: Oh yeah, Where?
- Me: well i saw a few clearings back along the road overlooking a bridge.
- FJ: Along the Hwy?!? thats not romantic!
- ME: are you suggesting we who spent the day biking and doging traffic, should then give up this location to you who drove here so YOU can get away from cars?

My momentary dream is over. Nothing happened. Maybe I imagined it. Tension creeps and relaxes. 5 min later the noises start again, definely more than 2, loud and annoying. They build and start sounding like animals being tourtured. Then they stop, as if frightened.

"Um, does anyone know what that was?"

"maybe birds." That seems reasonable. we sleep.


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