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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Seven - June 8th

Tuesday: Bandon

What a great city! I mean it has the typical annoying things that every little city has got, but then they actually have some great stuff too. Like their libraby kicks ass (in fact it makes the one in Gold beach look like crap.) Folks are freindly too. alas we are all distreacted by things (me: internet; Adam, robin: vegan huckleberry pie) and we dont leave until nearly 3pm. Not an inspring start. We make decent time though considering the nasty headwind we are facing.

The whole trip we had seen maybe 4 bikers. Today we crossed paths with 6.

  • middle aged guy on a beater bike with a sign "biking to New Orleans, Donations appreaciated"
  • A old guy with a canoe on a trailer
  • 2 Palm Springs yuppies with 5-10 k bikes
  • a older shaggy man with an off center disk and a mushroom on his head
  • a middle aged guy with a metal dector.


We camp behind ray's food in Port Orchard. Eat some Hummas and Falafel on the beach and sleap well. The chocolate cake we dumpstered out of Ray's kept me up, and didn't sit so well with Robin.

The views south of here are great!


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