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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Six - June 7th

"hey, you guys have gotta clear out" comes the voice from inside the previously locked building.

"uh ok. we're moving" I say. Crap! i have already gone against the game plan. Luckly we are all awake and just waiting for the rain to clear. It does we do and no one is the wiser. Robin is reluctant to get up cause he is worried about his dog Kansas.
"She is getting a lot of rain and no cover."

The Burly Nomad trailer cover goes over Kansas. It does keep a fair ammount of rain off, but mostly it just make her look cute. Refilling our watter bottle at a gas station/gernaral store/deli the owner gives me a wierd feeling. He is social, but kinda curt/snappish about fillilng out bottles. A little east coast style maybe? I detect no accent. He said the health inspector comes around often and if I was caught inside the kitchen it would = big fine.

We clear out and make our way to Coosbay. The drivers were mostly all very generous with space (I think having a dog in a trailer usually helps). We stop at a Shopping mall with a helth store and bike shop. Both are great. At the bike store i give him one of Arron's "Go By Bicycle" zines. Then i convince him to pay me $10 for a from PDX with Bike Love DVD. I feel bad cause I charged him so much. I should tell Joe Biel to cut him a deal on his first couple copies if he orders any from Microchosm. Well, this is not been a good trip for good deeds. this is a trip of crushing capitalism by squeezing the little guy for every cent.

Did i just write that? Anyway, guilt will soon be passed on as there is a candy factory up the street with free sampels. OMG so many samples. I eat them all. twice. About then the lady behind the counter asks if we need help finding anything.

"I am finding everything, thanks!"

I find the sugar free section and decide to send some to poppa sano, so I end up spending more than i want but its good, and the guy from the back room keeps coming out with more and more candies he just made for us to try. "This one is a pino gris, this is a wisky truffle" Im getting loaded but not drunk. Wasupwiththat? I dont even like sweets. I remove myself before its too late. Then spend an hour decompressing my gut on the ramp outside. Truly a disturbing sight for those about to come inside I am sure. I hope there wasn't too much schmootz on my face.

We head up A big hill off 101 and I shoot some good video with the helmet cam I think. Sun comes out and senic vistas are awesome. Although the clear cuts are kinda disheartening.

We pull into a campside just outside Bandon We find a 3/4 walled gazebo. Thankfully the walls are on the side where the rain is coming from. We eat some dinner then hit the beach. We can actually see the rain coming across the bay and ocean. The hell with hiker/biker camping we are stying dry toinght.

We wake up late and are fined the 20 bucks by a forest service guy. ugh. i guess we should have gotten up faster, then we couldda skiddadaled sooner.


  • Hey Phil, why were you fined? Were you camping in the gazebo or did you skip paying the camping fee? BTW I do not approve of all your shoplifting--be kind to people when someone finds out that something is missing it bothers almost everyone.

    By Blogger Patrick, at 10:25 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Patrick, at 10:26 AM  

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