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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Three - June 4th

Day 3 Early rolling, Hight hill climbs, Mt bombing down is such fun. There was a sweet hairpin turn that we got to watch each other go down because it was so steep you were practicaly right above the bikers 200 ft ahead.

Continuing in our excess of anticapalism we hit up the Grocery Outlet (bought some wine - stole cheese), Goodwill (bought 90s girl B.U.M. Equipment socks for biking - stole sunglasses), and Bi-mart in Lincoln City (bought a $1 of fireworks, stole $5 and earbud headphones to replace the ones I broke earlier.)

I cant believe I broke my headphones. Totally forgot about them while concentrating on the flow of the ride and our pace line. Next thing I look down and I see freyed wires. Crap.

We meet some nice salt haired old couple. From east. They live in Boston, but he is from Germany. They are rocking a doucmentary thing and got some video of Robin's oggy Trailer. THey say they will put it up on the website. We met them again while stopping and drinking wine at the Devil's Punchbowl (which is really disapointing at low tide). A nice winery, they dont have their own grapes but they bottle and everthing else there. no sales outside that shop even. humm, interesting. i wonder if folks were more likely to buy because they new they couldnt get it anywhere else. We buy a tasting of the 9 kinds of wine for $2. sweet. really sweet, actually. The blackberry desert wine was so nice...

Some kid with a skateboard started talking to me at some point. Typical. I just get into my drinking and the kids come along to play. Fairly smart kid, he knows his classic rock.

Skater Boy "What's your favorite music?"

Rev "i used to say, 'everything but country', but eventually I realized that ever gerere has good and bad music."

SB "I listen to everthing but country"

rev "there you go"

He taught me a little about skating and gave him a PDX BikeLove DVD (ouch, should i be selling those?). He wasn't impressed with my zoobomb description, so I thought I would peel his eyeballs back with video instead. I guess bombing down a hill sounds pretty tame when you skate on the coast.

And what a bomb he has got! down from Cape Foulweather is steep! It used to be a super tight 2 way road, but they have since removed one lane of traffic and put in a bike lane. Nice!

We did't make it much further, deciding not to try and push though Newport until the morning since we could hit the last bike shop until Florence. We rode into camp Beverly. The hikerbiker section was seperate and had some hiking in the back. i found some mushrooms that were coming out like shelves from this dying tree. They wouldn't budge. I guess that make them inedible if they are stronger than you.

Lots of wood and good food. Pasta, and more! Max and crew are good cooks.

I finally get around to showering and it take me forever. Ahh long hot shower. I wash my leggins out in the sink and dry them with the hand dryer. just put the waisband around the entire unit and let it blow hot air down. Also got a charge on my electornics. ugh, am i camping at all?


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