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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Two - June 3rd

I get up early pack my shit, eat, wait. and then decide i can wait no longer. I am on the move. They will catch up soon anyway. Will we make it to SF together? Will I go to big Sur with the crew? Will be come upon the other team?
who knows? but timimook has a nice internet cafe at the librabry.

The Bay City Slug which is a sweet weekly paper/zine. "The Paper that hates progress" and "tough, Absorband, Disposable" as well as several cut and pasted images

A coffee shop called the 303 let me take thier copy, which is cool since the guy handing me the paper is on the cover maing a BBQ. Hot.

articles about organic food and corporations and transportation issues. dude!

Robin and I hit up the Tillamook Chees Factory, its awesome. Totally like disney land. Maybe someday I will come back under influences of everying. I sample some cheese than slip a couple pounds of jerky like meat bits behind my back under the jacket. Robin made out like a bandit. Garlic spray is awesome! Lots of other spices too. On to Freddys where the bargins are best! Food Stamps are good, Free Stamps are better! Robin gets some jojos and we eat all of them before checking out, somehow the wrapper disapears and I sample some expensive food form the bins. I really like shopping with robin. Eventually we make it back to the Library and roll out. but not before taking a peek at the beer distributor. Folks waking around so no chance and geting in thier dumpster, but next time...

Hobbit Hole @ Bob Schwabber Wayside park. Really lovely, away from Pacific City, practially abandoned. Only an old man and a black car visited us while we were there. The place has all these trees with brittle old brances below so its like a forest of crawl space. perfect for camping. A bed of needles never felt so good.

Thanks go out to the Tillamook Co. Officer who asked for our IDs. Apparently folks on the hills above spy down on the campsite, and thought that the punks in the black car (what? us? black car???) were tearing up the bathroom, so they called the popo. they cop was really congenial. Kinda embarrassed to be hasseling us. He wished us well on our trip and turned to leave.

Cop: "Oh, you aren't camping here are you?"

Robin: "Oh! no sir, were just eating dinner here."

Cop: [quietly] It's fine, just as long as I don't know about it.

Upon reflection I decided that Waysides are in fact, just free biker only camping. We will definetly look out for more.


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