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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Endless Highway

"will it ever stop? Yo I don't know." Vanilla Ice, describing biking in LA.

Finally I go to the beach. Damn, its a long friggin ways. The ride out on Venice takes me about an hour with a strong head wind. But still there's actually a bike lane! whoa!

I meet Luigi who is hosting the other event on Sunday, a BBQ at the Beach. Alas the beach is south of Venice which is a fair ride... unless we pull off the most amazing thing and haul to a remote beach where we make up for all the carbon we don't use by burning down a small forest. I question if i can rock this distance on a tall bike with a load of polo mallets. (hint: WE STILL NEED MORE SKI POLES!)

I meet up with some of his friends who have a big bus heading out to Rainbow Festival in VA. They are recovering from a shroom trip that didn't blend well.

Luigi and I bike all the way up to the Pacific Palisades then South to Santa Monica where we chill with Tom the Bubble Man. Seriously this cat goes though more glycerin than Ron Jeremy. Bubbles catch the wind and fly over the pier and there always seems to be a kid dancing and giggling nearby. Tom had his truck towed and impounded so he has no way to leave.

"I guess I'll be here a lot." he says grinning. He long white beard tied in a braid going down past his waist hides most of his face, but his eyes show a lot of time out in the sun. "The pay's not great, but the smiles are free!"

Santa Monica is awesome, for us tourists especially. I just roll around on the pier and take in the full moon on a very late night (solstice anyone).

Rolling on Whilshire all the way back to Korea Town is a haul. So I take a break to make some fliers for Sunday's event. Sounds like tons of bikers are getting ready. I hope the Chopacobaras show. The Kinko's is like any other, clean, fluorescent white and overpriced. So I help myself to a couple sharpies to balance the equation.

Further on I realize Im hunger and LA fashion Dist. likely dont lock their dumpsters... if you can find the dumpsters. Then I spot it: Rocco's Pizza

stunning. it looks clean, pro, and they have 2 cheese slices and a soda for 4.50

Someday Rocco's Pizza in PDX will learn how to make a decent pie. I guess I shouldn't be too startled by finding it, there is likely a Rocco's Pizza in every major city in North America. But still i need food and beer... and then I find it.

Back in K-Town I get to share a great meal with some of the rockin bikers from the Bicycle Kitchen. The restaurant next door to the Kitchen rocks. Great cheap food. So many awesome stories about biker girls and loosin grills.

I take the crew back to my room at the Eco Village to kill the half-rack of beer ive got. Im gonna miss being able to buy a 12 pack for $4. Not just the Blue Ribbon, but also the Genuine Draft. Seriously... PGD, like MGD only instead of cleaver commercials on TV, we are living the Pabst commercial.

around 5am the Birthday boy David Benoff of Richmond, VA fame returns. Yup he knows the Cutthroats and Sprint Club and HellTrack. Plus he has some damn entertaining jokes.

"what does SnoopDogg use to wash his clothes... Bi-ach"

So i hope the make it out. i hear they rock! with an invite like this would could resist:

In the manner of our forbearers so shall all ye tallbike gangs, chopper clubs, pimpin riders and minibike grinders come forth. A series of entertaining, albeit potentially dangerous events await you.
more details will be added as the event draws near

we are zoobomb. we dont settle for kinda fun... WE WANT IT EPIC

I guess this will prevent many of the regulars from being there:

Then this video turns up... damn it's exciting to have some polo to go to, rather than trying to get it started:

It's a little love from the NACCC, if alex ever see's this: thanks for the scars. I esp like how in the background audio you can hear Dozer plotting to keep me away from doing something. His team did get the better of mine during the Bike Hockey Style World Championships, so I guess it worked.

Random posting: "Phil Sano as Zaphod Beeblebrox, interstellar biker" someone help me decipher this.


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