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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the event

hey you great and overworked bikers, I am super stoked to be able to share some Cascadia bike love with yalls this coming sunday.

Some equipment we will need to make it as intense as it should be:

4 or more large traffic cones
3 or more mid sized stuffed animals
1 roll duct tape
7 or more ski poles (as soon as possible, i need to work on them in the shop)
3 (three) 6-10 foot lengths of PVC pipe
1 megaphone (please someone get back to me soon, this is a VERY helpful tool)

for those who are still wondering what in Satan's anus all this is about let me provide you with another list to wet your bike pallet:

Foot down
bike limbo
track stand
Bike Hockey (street polo)
bike strip tease
bunny hop
Freestyle Poser

All bikes are welcome to participate. Some events are better suited for specific bikes (e.g. using a tall bike during the limbo competition would be awesome!)

Location and more information to be released shortly.


we are zoobomb. we dont settle for "kinda fun"... WE WANT IT EPIC

oh i forgot the story of the 2 michells on Sunday

The only really commited person wanting to lean to weld was this petite, somehwhat reserved Asian (maybe laos) girl who already had her own mask. She welded all day and I felt like she may be better than i already. which kinda sucks.

Then at the bar another Michelle, this one older volumputus lady with big dyed red and black hair, who was in a band and should have taken me home, but needed to steap outside for a smoke. then someone else filled the space and i was unable to keep her seat, but i did get her drink... actually drinks, she left most of a Godfather and half a Sierra Nevada at the bar, apparnetly for me! Also she is kind of a luddite, even if she dont realize it. which is also sexy.


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