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Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday, Hella Hell-a,

3am I arrive. The city is electric... and by electric I mean its really bright, there are lights and twinkiling palm trees (amtrak has bling?!? who knew?). I think back to the blind groaping I did a week ago while in the darkness of night under a red wood canopy.

Moments later Somer arrives and give the bicycle "whoop!" call. I grab my gear and we head out quick, the security has started to close its net. Seriously, the safety vest guy on the corner was sqawking into his shoulder and a security truck starts to follow us as we leave.

"These guys hate us."
"What's their deal?"
"dont ask, its so annoying."
"odd, the other stations were really nice to bikers."
"Yeah these guys are bored."

Flying around the city at night is great. There is almost no traffic at 3am so I take full advantage, by taking a full lane. We stop at a red just in time as a car flys by

"In LA, we dont run every red, the ticket is $340."
"For bikes AND cars?"

This is $93 more than in portland. And I would like to avoid having to pull out my ID so soon. Good thing too, on the next light at the bottom of a little steep hill a cop is sitting at the convince store. I make my code call but remind myself that "pepper" is not likely part of the biker jargon down here.

" 'pepper' is our slang for cop, 'hot pepper' is a cop with lights on, 'sutfffed pepper' is one with someone in custody... etc"

He takes me back the 15 min ride out of Downtown back to Korea Town, and the Los Angeles Eco Village, feel like you dont have enough internet to browse?

I drink and eat and chill with Somers for part of the night before crashing. He tells me about the Midnight Riders as he pulls a PBR out of his bag for me. They are basically the same as the Midnight Mystery Ride, I forget the exact number but this last ride was just shy of 700 LA riders. Damn. He takes me out back to show me the UFO bike that is made of silver bike tubes on a cargo frame bike. I roll out into the streets with that and freak out a cabbie. I still cant help smiling about that.

We take a look at the workshop with the saws and mig welder. There are 2 garages full of bikes and tools for me to freak bike on. I hope i can.

Such an awesome place. These cats are really taking care of me. I meet Lois a nice lady who lives here and she gives me a tour of the grounds. Everything sustainable. Just like it should be.

She directs me to the Bresee community center just down the street. They had an intersection repair so where there was once noisy pollution there is now a garden and public space. They hook me up with some internet time, and have a really impressive video editing lab. I am gonna try to get some things done here soon, but I would rather not spend too much time geeking out with a computer. Better to geek out with people.

http// Jerold and Mark here are great, and remind me of the education end of FREE GEEK, only with dozens of macs.


I get a mess of love from home:

- Jessica tells me there was 269 riders naked in the saddle for the World Naked Ride last Friday. The FREE GEEK destination was awesome i hear, except for the guy who stole Jess's clotes and toothbrush.

- Matto is gonna meet me in NYC in a couple weeks. He (p)assed out on the west hills during the zoobomb century (it happens all the time). He and Clout should be mini enabled shortly. He reminded me that there was a earthquake in Northern CA near Crescent City as we rode South. I had no idea. I guess those Spinergy wheels really take out a lot of the vibrations.

(HEY BIKE GEEKS I still have found no bike shops with extra spinergy spokes, rims, hubs, or tools. no one has been able to explain why the non-drive side of the rear wheel is crossed, but the drive side is straight.)

- Va is gonna bring forth a child in t-minus one week

- People are still amazed/stupified by the "Finding Revphil" movie last week. If they only knew the whole truth about Frank Castle

- My brother returned to Colorado after a nice visit with poppa sano. The fam is in high spirits.


info the fire.


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