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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

PDX bike theft

email from PDX:

i got my bike half-stolen this weekend. i screwed up and
left it locked outside oak st. friday night, thinking i was
going to make another errand and then take it back
upstairs before leaving for a couple days.

when i got back today it was gone. mega-drat! after
hating humanity for a while and concocting baitbike schemes
to retaliate, i look out missy's window and notice my bike
leaning against the sheridan's dock across the street.

which is odder because missy had her bike lock (also an old
possible-bic-vulnerable krypto) stolen a couple weeks ago
from the same spot, with the bike left as it was.

missy's first thought was that the thief was flummoxed by
mine being a fixed gear and just left it. i have thoughts
of kryptonite resellers, random bic-punks, or grey-hats
that are trying to point out to users that the locks are
crap without doing any real damage aside from leaving the
bike obviously exposed. or maybe someone just needed a
lock for some reason.

( )


that's my vote. i can't imagine riding one of those
things on crack.

one more argument for fixed-gear bikes!


better yet, lets just take our bikes (fixed or not) and reverse
the gears. take THAT bike thieves! as an added bonus, we get
to grow calves on the front of our legs.

- jon


so I should go get a better lock im thinking.


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