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Monday, June 20, 2005

sunday sunday sunday


monday i start the preps for more welding this afternoon and getting my shit together for my event this sunday its gonna rock

video editing tomorrow. maybe i learn how to share a file over this, TheInternet

Sumers called me out on my lame inability to maintain a proper bathroom. He walked up to my bathroom window with broom and with his endless torso was able to snag my abandoned roll off the earth below. I was grateful and annoyed (I lack some broom handling skills apparently)


What a breakfast, we friggin rock the tatters and eggs and bacons and damn! I like it here. good teamwork for sure.

Missed out on the graffiti ride to host my own welding workshop. too bad im sure it was sweet. Welding was great too though, so i cant really complain. just about done prepping the tall bike which i hope i can rock this sunday. Nothing flashy but then again Im just a jackass of all trades.

a group meal with many of the eco villagers was awesome. lots of great people, showing interest in all our lives and the food... ahh the food

then I remember, Joe wants me to drink! So i get directions and then roll out with Fransisco (who did the bike kitchen blog, fyi) to the bar. We part company so he can get work done and i can get blotto on my own.

The bar is very discreet. A small sign on the ally wall is the only telling sign of bar life as i roll up. Its fairly dead, just the way i want it. me and the bottle and some note paper to make a flyer... awesome.

my first drink on the house? sounds good, Patron with a dos equis beer back...

so i just sit and write and the typical beautiful bartender ladies look at me like Im worthless. maybe it had something to do with my expression when they told me how much pbr was.

LA Bartender: Cheap drinks? you want a Pabst?
Rev: yeah! how much.
LAB: just $3!
rev: ... really.
LAB: yeah.
rev: is that cheap? i mean for LA?
LAB: [loosing patience] Yeah.
rev: ... [thinking of leaving, i mean i can get a bottle and hang out in a park]
LAB You want a shlitz? its 2.50
rev: ok, lets do this thing. i mean now i can tip you 50 cents!

I wont be able to change their mind as to my worth, so I wont try. But folks who see me keep coming up to the bar looking at what im doing and buyng me drinks... good ones.

so i stay.

then they are closing, the girls give me the forcefull look and raise their voice, "Goodbye!"
"im just gonna say bye to Joe"

next thing me and joe enjoy some after hours beer, and i can stop looking at the pretty meat. Im sure in other contexts these girls could be nice, but it sure seems to me like they are everything i had feared in coming to LA. So maybe I wont go home with them.

Joe and I kick it then I half piss myself trying to get to a bush. Could be the diabetees setting in...


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