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Thursday, June 16, 2005

thursday 16th

Finally i have found my way out of SF. Just 1 hour until i roll the rails down to LA. its a 10 hour train/bus ride (the train dont go all the way into LA... sigh)

almost no sleep again last night, at least nothing useful. Damn these women and their friends who need to use their beds when i wanna use their beds!

I am wearing my contacts again so that is mighty exciting. I decided that if I was gonna try and follow josh sweets around on the job i shoiuld probably have all my senses working. good thing too. i wish i had a better 6th sense, cause I must of cleaned all the glass in this friggin city. 4 seperate flats yesterday.


One blowout, a quick leak, a slow leak, and a pinch flat from trying to use a different tire (my tire is done). The slightly used one josh gave me fit so tight i broke a lever and Adam bent 2 other plastic levers trying to seed it in the wheel. Out comes the screwdriver. "pssssst"

So a new tire was found from a generous store that really liked me. good cyclecross tread. 80 PSI that i push up to 100. The helmet cam was hot, and I had josh sweets run with it while i labored in patchkit limbo.

But the oddest thing was while waiting for Adam to come with the used tire that was too flat anyway, who rolls up.

Dave 'Lucky Piere' Swoops, just behind him are brian and joe (from austraila). The long lost "other" crew that left from portland a day before us. They look dirty. really dirty.

"You missed out on polo last night!"
"Crap, I wish we could place some."
"Do you want to? we still have the mallets."
"hell yeah, but we have to watch starwars"
"You're shitting me right?"
"Well be done at 830"
"Rather than listen to me bitch about movies and how much email i have read pretaining to said movie, why dont you come to polo and go to the later screening"

They said they would, but never showed up, never called, and they are now on notice. I really dont have any means of paybacks, but i will try to let fate and pain and suffering motovate me to come up with some cold revenge. Regardless, we played again and it was awesome. i school some newbees because I do try and play 2-3 times a week. Then this morning I heard Adam talking to his friends back in PDX saying that he is taking them all to newbie polo at alberta park on wed nights.

i was as close to tears as i hope polo will ever bring me. it's an emotional game.

Im pumped for LA, fhasion show tomorrow. i should show up around 230 am somewhere downtown. i mean, how great is that? I guess well see. hope they have the internet down in la. According to my contacts i have a half dozen places to crash, one of which was the old bicycle kitchen, included with MIG welding unit. hope i dont make a fool during the workshop im supposed to teach.

its raining pretty consistantly now... I am remindind of portland, only nothing is green. a feeling i should get use too. For future reference, use the Mac stores for checking email. I could probably do some video editing if i had brought my firewire cables. next time. still using their ipod and 19 cinimatic flatscreen display is nice. too bad the space bar is worked over. i guess i wont be throwing down 1.5k on this G5 after all.

looking outside. it breaks. i will ride between the drops with my gear to the station.


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