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Thursday, June 09, 2005

thursday - june 9th`

we are in crescent city and me might just stay. lovely accomidations nearly make us forget our harsh mistress: the road.

I change a tire and rest. and internet. lord i hate me some internet. i spend most of the day blabbing about a movie about me. did i mention someone made a movie about me?

nevermind the fact that i am now connected to more media sources than i care to counr. I tried to explain this to the director.

"Normally you make documentarys about folks who otherwise dont have access to media sources, or whom the public should know about. Im only margionally famous, and I totally have access to more media than I deserve."

She wooshed her hand dismissivly. So yeah tomorrow night at the historic Hollywood Theater in portland oregon Go support Marie, she is great.

multi media mongoul is what I would call me if I could spell it right.

crescent city Library charges a dollar for a half hour of internet access. not bad compared to rates at internet cafes, but still... luckily i can swing with this dial up just fine. though my team mates have sworn to break me from my addiction soon.

We habve a new team name, "Team Swarm: The Locusts" after devouring everything in this home. This replaces our previous name, "Team Sasquach" because we all got warm showers.

we head into the Redwood forest tomorrow and lord knows when we will find our way out. word on the street psycotropics may be involved. i am a tingle with anticipation.


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