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Monday, June 27, 2005

too beat to type?

monday is a sore, sore day.

my body is spend even pen strokes are challenging but I must try while i remember

Zoobomb Presents: Bikesummer in LA... WTF?

7am I jolt out of bed having dreamed someone told me it was already noon. Typical. I am anxious, and understandably so. I have been given the task of hosting an event that is supposed to be the "chunk-type" event of prior bikesummers. no small task.

Gather things, rope Frederico into hauling the trailer with his track bike, then convince him we need a flag. Having someone who can mend fabric on hand is indispensable. I strap the PVC to the tall bike and fly ZB colors. 10 bikers are waiting for me, for an hour. eep! We roll out by 11, only 90 min after the event told people to show up. I share the helmet cam with the crew, Jessie and F'Nelson (pronounced Fah-Nell-Son).

Its a long haul to Santa Monica from K-Town, and my tallbike is slow. Strong head winds rough road and 1 good hill... We are not phased. But we need the kinda nutrition only 711 can provide: Mickies, sapparo, and other malt things come forward. After shots of El Presidente Brandy (the bottle is still with me after 4 days? i must be getting soft) I realize I dont have a bottle cage assessible to me while i ride. Something must be done. Bring forth the Aquafina water bottle and duct tape. Now I have a dope beer cozy built into my handle bars.

Could it be the only Bio-Pace tall bike? Maybe the only one that has a mix of steel and aluminum. (I explain later... maybe)

AHA, but my megaphone still needs batteries. Lo and behold I present to you the best named store: Save on Drugs

Plenty of batteries available and the mini-DV tapes normally sold for 15.95 each are available for free. Also they got lime infused Segrums gin on discount for $6 "YO ill take 2!". Outside a nice pattio furniture serves our purpose nicely. We found the bike racks hidden behind bags of sod, so I guess it was where they want us to hang out.

Then the events... nothing can be written at this time. maybe in NYC.


  • So Phil, are you ever going to let us know how the event turned out? We're waiting...

    By Blogger adventure!, at 12:54 AM  

  • its coming as soon as the others stop happening. could be any moment... i hope!

    By Blogger revphil, at 5:10 PM  

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