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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

wednesday june 15th

woke up in a strange, comfortable place, she offered me a shower. I dont know how much i drank but sometime after playing some cage match bike polo sweets and I were taking shots of BlackVelvet and peanut butter. delicious but deadly.

"we are alcholics addicted to protien drinks"

so that kept us rolling long enough to get to the zitgist, then at some point we left, stella hit the 1 way streets the wrong way and some cops gave her a hard time.

stella and i did a count of bombers that we have seen in SF right now

- revphil
- stella
- dirty mark
- josh sweets
- mortor house josh
- bill
- adam
- mortor house ross

and the hits keep on hitting, which is why i feel so beat down right now. all these friggin bombers away from home. wasupwiththat?

Stella scored all 5 of her team's points in the first game. In her first game ever. She is talking about starting a league. definetly they will be playing next week at Alamo Square. A case of PBR and whisky is a good start.

still no communication from luckey, or anyone from the other portland crew that left a day before us. hope they show up soon.


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