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Monday, July 11, 2005

best fake of a bike tour ever!

THIS IS SO GREAT! im getting emails from all my friends who are on bike tour... watch as i entertain you all with someone else's work:

well hello everyone,
today is july 9th I've just been told, and I am at the Public Library in Cortez
Col. I've seen and done alot since the last email, that I don't even know
where to start. We made it across HWY 50. and then into Utah, thank god. As
soon as we got into this state everything changed the people, the land, the
air, every thing. that first day across the border on our last climb of the
day this couple kip and emily saw us and greeted us at the top with fresh cold
beers. yuuuuuummmmmmmy! they offered to let us stay at there place and feed
us drinks and food and give us showers. they gave us dirrections and a cell
phone in case we got lost. after our showers they fed us, and fed us, until
there was no more food (or beer). so they ordered us bacon cheese burgers and
milk shakes at the dinner. thanks kip.
the day after that we met a woman named Lauriann who is a cyclist that was
hanging out in Cedar City for the weekend. she is going to ride across the
US next year to raise money for something. anyways she was super cool, and
since she hadn't any plans for the next day she took all of our gear and
drove it to the top of the hill ( 10,500 feet at a 8% grade, damn). I don't
think we would have made it with out her help. that night we saw fire works
over a lake in the mountains. it was awes. the next day Lauriann carried
our stuff again, to Bryce Canyon. the first we saw of Canyon Land Country,
which has had some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. at one
point in the next few days there was a senic viewpoint from the top of a
mountain which showed that the whole state of Conn. could fit inside of
this area of canyons. Crazy.
Since then we've met a few other cyclist going the other way, and had a couple
of small adventures. yesterday i rode out to the 4 corners monument and today
I am meeting back up the Brians and we are heading off to Mesa Verde, to see
the Native american cliff dwellers city. I've seen alot of old indian ruins,
and checked out a couple of museums yesterday. this area of the states is
awesome, I hope everyone gets to see it one day.
after this the three of us will be heading off towards the rockies! we are
going to spend a few days with a friend of ours, but I am not sure where he
lives. If anyone needs or wants to send us stuff, we should be in Pueblo, CO
at the end of next week. until next time, you all have fun workin and stuff.


good for me! (dont tell me how it was for you)

so ill fill in this gap somehow i swear. maybe text?


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