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Friday, July 15, 2005

best polo ever

Well depending on how you define "best" and "polo" ... "ever" is not up for debate however!

The DC kids who braved the downpour to play... damn

I told folks that I would buy a beer for anyone who beats me. In fact, i asked people to spread that rumor, i Had 2 6-packs and a travel jug, aka a "handle" of Canadian whisky. should be some good polo, no?

I took Crusty/angry/violent joe (someday perhaps he will become joe cool?) on my team and we were promptly crushed by spencer and Corey a duo that played together regularly. Add beer and whisky and rain and repeat. Sprinkle with crashes and serve unto the face.

no serious or overly debilitating injuries, no broken bikes... solid polo.

Darkness sets, hunger follows on its coattails. The crew takes me to Ben's Chili Bowl! It's packed. It's vegan (well, the non met/dairy parts are mostly vegan I am told) Most importantly it goes good with the tour de lance and my movies which we watch for hours, then its' more rain. uh lots of rain. hella rain. When i finally get to Harper's I'm like a wed dog @ the door but no one answers. I alert Harper with the radio... nothing. I alert Kirkland with the nextel... nothing. I can hear the alerts going off in the open windows upstairs. I tell spencer i am coming over when Morgan swings the door open. He looks freaked! It is 3am.

"dude its a school night" he mumbles as he goes back to bed. I apologize and realize he is crashing in what was my bed. muthafucka! the couch is nice though.

later i would be told he didn't remember me from earlier, and so when he asked me if i was gonna be staying there it was cause he was afraid he had let a bike thief into the home. He didn't sleep very well that night.


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