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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Im your charity case so buy me something to drink

Friday starts @ 8:30am and apparently it goes all day.

Matt is working dispatch again for Real and is running me raw. I gotta get my camera back from Corey's and meet with Agitha. It was so odd the way I ran into her yesterday.

Im biking behind a sexy biker gal coming up on Dupont Circle. Well I had better tell her about polo... and then, my confidence snapped. I was just frozen behind her... and I was loosing ground. Either this lady could move or I was just zapped for energy. i reached down within and pulled up on her as we started to turn round,

"Hey, you ever play bike polo?"


"uh yeah. hi."

So I couldn't tell right away but it was my good college friend, Bjorn's girlfriend, Agitha. Apparently she is working in DC. wild. alas she already has plans for polo night. oh well. So we have plans to meet soon instead. hope that works out, so far everytime i meet an old friend as soon as we are apart its as if we never met.

Plus i gotta get my dolladolla bills for all these tags.

Plus I should start drinking soon. If going to bars it pays to be ahead of the game. So I down a few @ Citybikes with Diedre, using a discreet handtowel beer cosy. Folks there are mighty chill for letting me drink in their repair shop. Then sprint over to Corey's with John (a messenger turned tech) it was a veritable geek fest as we downed our yinglings talking about the new BMA web page: uh its not done yet.

Then I gather my shit and bust balls down to the Lucky Bar, where my $ waits with spencer. i guess Matt was sick of waiting. eep. I hand over my signitures, then finally agitha comes in to collect me so we can spend some time with her friends who are 3 girls and one guy and they are all into labor issues. I am pondering which one of these girls is available, so when they ask me what I want from my employer. I look positively foolish. This could be towards my advantage. I think i need to cultivate my dumb blonde mentality. that way i can surprise folks when i am actually paying attention. I get lots more beer bought for me, which is awesome. and I'm offered food but I have to turn it down if i have any hopes of getting good and sloshed tonight.

All they can talk about is how if everyone had a stable job there would be no problems. Im feeling like this is not my fight, besides I spend far too much time arguing with folks that are smatter than I, so I take a rain check on popping their utopia balloon. Ahhh... nonprofit-types. No matter where you go its the same. The volunteers work with such fervrence that they convince themselves they could solve all the worlds problems if only _______. It was kinda like being back in portland 5 years ago, before the weight of the world snapped my will to believe.

I miss the cues. so I dont pick up that Ive been paying attention to the gal who is already dating the guy on my right.

I talk a bit to Bjorn on Agitha's phone. He is biking in HoodRiver. THen I head back inside to drink with Joe and Spencer. Seems like Joe buys me like half a dozen beers. He tells me he is getting hooked up so I keep accepting them.

Then we take off to meet Meredith at the Common Share. Excuse me? a Kiddy Pool?!? well alright then, lets dance, but hey, let's not neglect the $2 beer. We leave Joe and Spencer debating the value of getting in a fight in front of a bar. She puts me up and we get some co-op food in the morn. Awesome! Its like a grocery in a basement across the street. totally underground and organic. I especially like their 2nd Generation Toilet Paper Dispenser Tree.


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