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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Its nonprofit time... is that like 4:20?

Megadittos to Steve from bike TV and Chris from Teamspider for putting me up. Thanks guys, ill be back to stink up your homes soon! Plus its great to edit video while on the road.

Drinking with Sommer and Sara in the "TimesUp New York" space, grillin and illin with some of the best enviro bikers anywhere. They tell me how sad they are not to have a PDX connection (Shift was almost "Times Up Portland"). who knows maybe there will be one in LA someday. Until then I enjoy the healthy supply of food available, as dumpster diving has been good to some of the regulars. Tons of fresh bread and pastries. This is as close to Portland as I have felt in 6 weeks. That may now sound like a long time but it feels like I've been gone forever.

We check out the "Still We Ride" NYC Critical Mass documentary at Anthology Archives. its fairly timely considering how much time and effort went into it, but still i want more.

Sara rides on my handlebars to Houston St. She is great at hopping right up and riding without fear. Its so much fun, i can hardly wait for Saturday during the Baltimore Courier Gangbang, a 3-person allycat with a dope flyer

how can i not go? its like porn only it makes me feel just kinda dirty when i show it to a girl i dont know. There is a "handlebar race" so i assume that it's gonna look something like the flyer, hot bikers holding each other to avoid being tossed from a bike = kickass, and with recent practice I should be ready to rock.


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