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Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Sharma is loose

It could be late.

I reclaim some street for the polo gods. Perhaps they will protect me tomorrow during the qualifying race. I want to ride in the main race on Sunday, but qualifying at 1030 am is a death sentance. Nevermind the world class bikers who are gonna kick my ass. Of 700 riders, only 125 will be allowed to move on to the Finals

My wheels are fat and underinflated, my rear brake sticks (Im told the pad could have a lip on it that is catching the rim. Thanks Jim C... and thanks for bringing my rack all the way from LA, and thanks for the beer... uh i guess i owe you.) my headset is still loose from only having one of the 2 allen bolds in the neck, my chain slips off the big ring if im not ginger with down shifting. Plus its late and i was just fed unlimited free beer at the party. I wish someone had told me that before I bought and downed a half a bottle of cheap vodka, but i guess the OJ was good for me...

Being that drunk means you get to be really happy when you see other drunks. No mistake i am cautioned by the locals for swinging Orlando around like a sack of potatoes. Rather than have the Polish Mob who frequent the venue after me (It's called The Warsaw, I should have known) I leave and now I seem to have forgotten just what I did afterward.

My head spins like a cottencady fed 10 year old ADD kid coming off the Scrambler. Not quite able to walk to the exit, not able to stop moving, and fearful if you dont make it quick the crazy eyed carny will start up the ride again with you on the platform.


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