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Friday, July 01, 2005

polo? its on like donkykong!

Last night was the gold sprint qualifiers. Totally a retarded way to ride a stationary bike. But those that are good enough to spin out their legs as fast as possible for 500 meters looked good.

A much more productive time happened outside where drinks are cheaper and polo more appropriate. Grass is for potatoes, Street is for polo.

We angle the cones so that we are not chasing the ball every-time someone shoot as the goal. I whup up on some euros, but they show amazing progress. Could world polo be long away? Folks are playing in canada, Germany, switzerland, and im sure others. And im not talking about grass polo neither, I mean NW style bike hockey.

Once that ends and the euro kids and I still have whisky we start playing with the mostly empty large plastic bottle. sure enough whisky rugby is invented. I haven't had that much fun since I left the west hills. I dont remember how I got home.

after my first slow day at the chicken hut I was worried i wouldn't find a way to occupy my time in NYC. But after giving Greg a hand keeping some wooden shelving from being pitched into the dumpster and a few other random things... well it seems I may be able to carry my weight. The Chicken Hut takes in so many travelers... you dont have to be a burden to be a burden. But everyone has been great.

I particularly liked that one of the guys here, Manny, took me out to Rockaway beach at 6am. I had just finished the evening of my liver's discontent when realizing it was likely too late to ring up anyone, I saw a light on and movement on the 4th floor. Sure enough manny is going surfing.

"Hey I surf, or rather, after 8 years of going to the ocean with a fiberglass board and neoprene suit I still can only frolic in the water... LETS GO!"

Fully prepared to crash in the car, manny instead takes me underground and has me record his bringing a surfboard on the subway. awesome. We meet up with his friend John and after taking 4 transfers and a short hike (complete with egg in bagel for $1.25) I am on the beach gurgling sand. Fortunately around 10 am I realize im about to go lobster boy, so I put my towel/pillow over my face since I got no sunscreen.

Manny crashes into the jetty and is fine but dings up his ride pretty good. So he decides to get out rather than water log his board. I take John's out and really enjoy not having a wet suit to fight against. My best surfing days have always been sans neoprene (my best ever on the Oregon coast... i didn't stay in long). This was not one of my best days. but I am able to catch some rides, along with the nose of the board. So I spent a lot of time trying to not screw up other surfers.

hats off to Messman, aka Matt Messenger from Seattle for bringing hella mallets AND organizing polo (esp since trackstar has been busy working the other events, on top of being a bikeshop during the busy months in a city that has its share of bikers)


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